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In 2014 the Kinfolks Restaurant group was born. With the same great mission although with a food truck, the brand was off to serving the absolute best southern food staples around the central Florida area. After running into logistic issues, the company decided to part ways with the food truck concept all together. When looking for a brick & mortar restaurant location we decided to take it back to our roots.

Fresh & Innovative

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Ethically Sourced Ingredients

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100% Organic

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Kinfolks Southern Kitchen Since 2017

A small town on the Treasure Coast of Florida, Fort Pierce. With family and community being at the forefront of the brand’s focus, in January 2018 we launched our very first restaurant. Since then, we have opened “Chicken & Waffles @ Kinfolks” voted best fried chicken on the treasure coast by the Hungry Black and finally we are introducing the Martin County to our original concept “Kinfolks Southern Kitchen”. We welcome you and your family to come experience our downhome southern food, and classic family style service the Kinfolks way. With hopes of coming to a city near you.

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